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Preston Brook Parish Council employs one officer, Luke Trevaskis, and several contractors to facilitate its administration and manage its service delivery.

Luke undertakes a wide range of duties to support the legal functions of Preston Brook Parish Council and act as the Council's legal Proper Officer and Responsible Financial Officer.

Luke is a CiLCA qualified officer with over fifteen years' experience in local government.

The Transparency Code 2015 requires Preston Brook Parish Council to publish the details of certain senior employees whose salary is at least £50,000. Such details include remuneration, job title, and responsibilities. Furthermore, employees whose salaries are £150,000 or more must also be identified by name. There are no employees of Preston Brook Parish Council currently earning in excess of either sums.

All financial reports can be found here.

To contact an officer of Halton Borough Council, please visit their website here.

To contact Luke Trevaskis, please visit the contact page here.

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